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Noun1.Gambelia - leopard lizards
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
leopard lizard - any of several large lizards with many dark spots; of western United States and northern Mexico
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Other reptile species in the study area include Gambelia wislizenii, Coleonyx brevis, Phrynosoma cornutum, Apsidoscelis marmorata, Uta stansburiana, Masticophis flagellum, Rhynochelius lecontei, Pituophis catenifer, Thamnophis marcianus, and Crotalus scutulatus.
Orrel (2001): <<Descriptions of the Mature Spermatozoa of the Lizards Crotaphytus bicinctores, Gambelia wislizenii (Crotaphytidae), and Anolis carolinensis (Polychrotidae) (Reptilia, Squamata, Iguania)>>, Journal of Morphology, vol.
Gambelia copeii is endemic to Baja California, Mexico, and ranges from extreme southern San Diego County, California, south to Todos Santos on the west coast of the Cape Region, Baja California (Grismer 2002, Mahrdt et al.
peruvianus (Tropiduridae) con los de Gambelia wislizenii (Crotaphytidae), Crotaphytus bicinctores (Crotaphytidae) y Anolis carolinensis (Polychrotidae) se observan diferencias estructurales y de tamanos, lo cual nos indica que la morfologia de los espermatozoides podrian usarse como caracteres taxonomicos (Tabla 6).
MATERIALS AND METHODS--In 2008-2009, we caught 28 Gambelia sila at seven sites across the range of the species (Fig.
Remarks--Crotaphytidae contains two genera (Frost and Etheridge, 1989; McGuire, 1996): Crotaphytus (collared lizards) and Gambelia (leopard lizards).
Atractis penneri is widespread and has been reported in lizards of the genera Callisaurus, Crotaphytus, Gambelia, Holbrookia, Phrynosoma, Sceloporus, Uma and Uta occurring from the western United States, northern Mexico and Baja California (Baker 1987).
For example, we observed a leopard lizard Gambelia wislizenii hunting a U.
major (Wake and Jockusch 2000) Squamata (Lizards) Crotaphytidae Gambelia wislizenii copei G.
Gambelia wislizenii, Terrapene ornata, Phyllorhynchus browni), and species with specialized habitat requirements (e.
Also present here are the non-teiid lizards Gambelia wislizenii and Uta stansburiana, along with a few A.