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n. pl. dalasi
See Table at currency.

[Mende, possibly ultimately from English dollars, pl. of dollar.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of The Gambia, divided into 100 bututs
[from a Gambian native name]


(dɑˈlɑ si)

n., pl. -si, -sis.
the basic monetary unit of The Gambia.
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Noun1.dalasi - the basic unit of money in Gambia
Gambian monetary unit - monetary unit in Gambia
butat, butut - 100 bututs equal 1 dalasi in Gambia
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1 percent in September 2013 from just below 5 percent at end-2012, largely due to a weakening of the Gambian dalasi.
For example, the cedi and the Gambian dalasi fell by over 45% versus the dollar between 2000-02.
The currencies to be replaced are: The Nigerian Naira, the Ghanaian Cedi, the Guinean Franc, the Sierra Leonean Leone and the Gambian Dalasi.