Game bag

a sportsman's bag for carrying small game captured; also, the whole quantity of game taken.

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he said, taking the warm bird from Laska's mouth and packing it into the almost full game bag.
Near by lay a shotgun and a game bag through the meshes of which was seen the plumage of shot birds.
From the game bag slung across one shoulder he drew a long strip of doe-skin, a neatly coiled rope, and a wicked looking knife.
In the case of the hunting spaniels, I'll favor the squat, meticulous, and nose-down brawler every time, particularly if he can work his magic in the upland coverts as well as in the bird fields, and promise me a full game bag at day's end.
Meaning a whole mess of empties without a corresponding heft of downed birds in the old game bag.
in addition, the supplier must also prepare game bag statistics and analysis on the wings posted by hunters.
Added bonuses include a removable water bladder and game bag, rain cover, and gun/bow sling.
A vest or belt with a game bag and pockets for live and spent shotgun shells is convenient.
Tired from their almost three-hour practice, Daquis struggled to bring her new SEA Game bag but she managed to get help from two Good Samaritans as she walked to her car in the parking lot.
Synopsis: Wingbeats and Heartbeats is a wingshooter's odyssey to the wild places where, at the end of the day, the companionship of faithful gun dogs and good friends matters more than a bulging game bag.
Once Mario had the rabbit tucked away in his game bag, we walked back to the truck, leaving Nadia to feed in the field.
He had his game bag with him, a fact that Skerra had instantly spotted.