a.1.Full of game or games.
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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Gameful Design, Research, and Applications (pp.
Gamification, Gameful Design, and the Rise of the Gamer Educator
With its gameful and engaging nature, a well-designed filter can become the perfect vehicle for school pride and brand awareness.
Does your system support gamification Does the platform support gamification if grantors include it or does the system embed gamification and gameful learning principles into its structure 6.
s (in press) conception of a gameful learning, "a framework that encourages improvisation, playfulness, and social interaction, and which takes into account the unique contingencies of individual people and specific content" (p.
According to Huotari and Hamari "gamification refers to: a process of enhancing a service with affordances for gameful experiences in order to support user's overall value creation.
We believe that gameful learning shouldn't be about "sugar-coating broccoli", it should be about trust and respect.
Dorpat, who calls Miller "hip" because he "understands well the gameful relativity of all structures .
For though she be locked up, her vow is fixed only to me; Then time shall never grieve me, for by that vow, E'en absent I enjoy her, assuredly confirmed that none Else shall, which will make tedious years seem gameful To me.
But I will not spoil the splendid gameful suspense Gervaise creates: who writes the boy back?
Whether in Balanchine's airy Sylvia Pas de Deux or in the fast-forward mode of Ballo della Regina, he remains just as gameful when tackling Taylor or Tharp.
This is extraordinarily gameful writing, as Nabokov manages to keep three independent ideas in the air: Kinbote's sense of self (Olympian); our sense of Kinbote (delusional); and our opinion of Nabokov (awed).