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Gandhism, Gandhiism

the principles of Mohandas K. Gandhi, Indian political and spiritual leader, especially his advocacy of passive resistance and noncooperation to achieve social and political reforms. — Gandhist, Gandhiist, n.Candhian, adj.
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Indian secular facade has been unveiled and Gandhism seems to be dying an unfortunate but sure death.
Even though the author follows the nationalist historians' narration of Indian history, unlike many other nationalist historians Tharoor points out the limitation of Gandhism and the non-violence method in different contexts such as the oppression of dictators and discrimination against Dalits.
In his book titled Hinduism, Fascism and Gandhism, V.
Scholarship on the Defiance Campaign highlights how the 'politics of inclusion', inspired by the ANC 1949 Programme of Action and by Indian Gandhism, persuaded African masses in the Cape to embrace civil disobedience (Kuper 1965; Gerhart 1978: 134, 136-7; Lodge 1983: 61).
14) He transcended the classical dyads of ecumenism: Christianity and Islam, (15) Christianity and Judaism, (16) and Christianity and Gandhism.
These very instruments which have mutilated, blasted and blighted the life of Untouchables are to be found intact and untarnished in the bosom of Gandhism.
Another ideology is Gandhism, which is the collection of inspirations, principles, beliefs and philosophy of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (known as Mahatma Gandhi), who was a major political leader of the Indian independence movement.
The first special feature of Gandhism is that its philosophy helps those who have to keep what they have and to prevent those who have not from getting what they have a right to get.
At the same time, she shows how decolonized discourses and practices of the Gandhism also functions to dominate marginalized castes, classes, religions and genders.
Prachi's views on Gandhism "I hate Gandhi" can hit Gandhi followers terribly.
He was able to gain sympathy from both the urban and the rural masses through Gandhism.
Bose, Studies in Gandhism (Ahmedabad: Navajivan Publishing House, 1972), 15, 27.