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 (gə-nāsh′) also Ga·ne·sha (-nā′shə)
n. Hinduism
The god of wisdom and the remover of obstacles, son of Shiva and Parvati, depicted as a short fat man with an elephant's head.

[Hindi Gaṇeś, from Sanskrit Gaṇeśaḥ, from gaṇeśaḥ, master of throngs : gaṇaḥ, throng, group of followers + īśaḥ, master (from īṣṭe, īś-, he rules over; see aik- in Indo-European roots).]
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Noun1.Ganesha - Hindu god of wisdom or prophecyGanesha - Hindu god of wisdom or prophecy; the god who removes obstacles
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Summary: Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Sept 5 (ANI): A 30-feet-tall Lord Ganesha made up of around 2 lakh bangles is the new centre of attraction for devotees who are thronging in large numbers for the darshan of Bangle Ganesha here at Thummalagunta village as part of the ongoing Ganesh Chaturthi festival.
Jagadeesan, Ganesha and Panner picked up two wickets each.
The aide of their chief, Ismaeel Thug was Ganesha who was a high ranked Hindu Brahman.
People bring an idol of Lord Ganesha into their homes very happily and perform Puja for ten days with full devotion and faith.
Summary: In Mumbai, an estimated 300,000-plus big and small statues of Ganesha will be installed at private and public venues
Hundreds of people attended rallies in Australia's major cities on Sunday to protest an advertisement the Indian community described as "highly insulting" in its depiction of the Hindu deity Lord Ganesha.
Hindu officials have asked a Czech Republic brewery to remove images of Indian deity Lord Ganesha from beer bottles, according to reports.
|PS10.99, Ganesha Handicrafts, 20 Royal Arcade STAINLESS STEEL BALTI DISH If your taste runs to something simpler then this stainless steel Balti dish - which comes in two different sizes - is perfect for both individual meals and sharing.
The procession began at around 1.30pm on Thursday ( September 15) from RK Studios in Chembur culminating at Shivaji Park where the idol of Lord Ganesha will be immersed a little later in the evening.
Ganesha, in Thornhill Road, Little Aston, Sutton Coldfield, is the latest venture from Solihull businessman Tanveer Handa, owner of the successful Horseshoe Bar & Restaurant in Hall Green.
A TEN-day festival of Ganesha Chaturthi ended with singing, dancing and religious ceremony last Sunday.