Ganoid scale

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(Zool.) one kind of scales of the ganoid fishes, composed of an inner layer of bone, and an outer layer of shining enamel. They are often so arranged as to form a coat of mail.
(Zool.) See under Ganoid.

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Like all gars, it has a ganoid scale armor that provides protection against most predators.
5), and mainly correspond to ganoid scales and teeth (Torices et al., 2010a, 2011; Serrano et al., 2012).
scorpius are rather similar in size to those of these other actinopterygians but the underlying tissue is different, as the teleost scales consist of laminated bone, while the polypteriform and lepisosteiform fishes have ganoid scales with hard, multilayered, enamel-like ganoine in their upper part.