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n.1.A kind of wild goose, by a flock of which a virtuoso was fabled to be carried to the lunar world.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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will be transferred to a place near the Ganza parking area soon because their stalls have become an eyesore.
Existe realmente uma referencia de guitarra de musica punk, e a batida e de musica popular, nao mexi em nada [...] E uma caixa, uma zabumba e um ganza, a gente imagina que e muita coisa, mas na verdade e bem simples, a gente deu uma trabalhada boa na mixagem, explica o artista.
Rovillos, a trustee of the Baguio Heritage Foundation (BHF) and convenor of the Baguio We Want Movement (BWWM), said aside from the old auditorium area, the local government was also planning to erect multilevel parking structures in the park's Ganza restaurant, orchidarium and Ibaloi garden areas, and near the Commission on Elections local office.
When a particularly rambunctious bull causes a picador to flee in fear, the crowd demands that the great Ganza, Halper's rendition of Hemingway's Pedro Romero, come out to fight the beast.
The musical instruments used in the band are drums, percussion, tambourine, repinique and ganza. During the rehearsals, a single exploratory noise measurement was carried out of the college band using the cellphone app Decibelimetro HQ positioned at the height of the participants' ears.
Mas uma coisa e certa, nao ha cururu ou siriri sem a viola-de-cocho, o mocho5 e o ganza (6).
Retornando a capa de O rei do coco--Volume I, Bezerra aparece segurando um ganza. Ja no verso do Volume II (Figura 3), ele aparece em uma sequencia de fotografias empunhando diferentes instrumentos, como zambumba, surdo, atabaque, triangulo, pandeiro, tamborim e ate mesmo um berimbau.
In spite of over forty years of research in Omotic languages and numerous calls for descriptive papers and reference grammars (Hayward 2009:85) to date not a single descriptive paper has ever been published on the Ganza language.