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n.1.A kind of wild goose, by a flock of which a virtuoso was fabled to be carried to the lunar world.
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The musical instruments used in the band are drums, percussion, tambourine, repinique and ganza.
Afortunadamente, esto ocurrio unicamente en casos muy concretos--por ejemplo, con un ganza hablando en gwama a un gwama hablando en oromo a mi colega, que mentalmente traducia del oromo al amharico y luego al ingles (y yo traduciendo mentalmente del ingles al espanol, aunque todas mis notas fueron tomadas directamente en ingles).
The couple had a public spat earlier at the Ganza Restaurant in Burnham Park, Baguio City, before they proceeded to Loakan.
A combinacao dos instrumentos de percussao empregados no samba (surdo, pandeiro, reco-reco, ganza, tamborim e cuica) produz certas sobreposicoes de ataques que intensificam o suingue e produzem maior intensidade sonora.
Hence, Domogan said that the Technical Working Group is still working on the terms of reference for the put up of the multi-level parking building within the Ganza property in order to help in decongesting the city roads from the excessive volume of vehicles that contribute to traffic jams in the city.
It is believed Mr Charnley requested the meeting and the two organisations are hoping to build on the success of events such as the Magic Weekend which saw top sides take part in a Rugby League weekend extrava ganza at St James' Park.
This 'reloaded' experience presents a stateA[degrees]ofA[degrees] theA[degrees]art technical setup -- mindA[degrees] blowing visuals, impressive laser graphics, special effects like CO2 guns and confetti blasters ensuring an extravaA[degrees] ganza.
The first wave of the award season for the public rela- tions industry is upon us -- culminating in the extrava- ganza that is Cannes.
For example, La Ganza (2004) comments that the learner is not only expected to hold back from the teacher's influence, but s/he also must develop a capacity for persistence in using the teacher as a resource.
The Li And Miao Ecological Cultural Tourism Area of Ganza Ridge Areca Valley is called 'Binglanggu' for short and located in the Ganza Ridge Natural Reserve on the border of Sanya City and Baoting County.
ALL entrepreneurs believe they have a concrete business plan - but Ralf Ganza is probably more entitled than anyone.
It had always clashed with the ganza in Llandudno but until one thought to change it.