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(Placename) a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Kaohsiung



a seaport on SW Taiwan. 1,426,578.
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Compared to Pingtung, the damage to the pineapple situation in Gaoxiong, Tainan and Jiayi is better.
Posteriormente, como resultado de la Segunda Guerra del Opio, el Tratado de Tianjin (1858) designo al puerto taiwanes de Anping como puerto de tratado: posteriormente otros puertos taiwaneses fueron abiertos al comercio con los europeos como Tamsui, Jilong y Gaoxiong (pp.
Ambos se encontraron en Fuan, y de alli se trasladaron al puerto de Dagou (Takao, [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], la poblacion origen de la moderna Gaoxiong, [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]), a donde llegaron el 19 de mayo de 1859.
Then they go back to Gaoxiong to get treatment for their respective illnesses.
The children from these schools attracted curious coverage from the Nichi Nichi Shimpo, the paper choosing to display two large photographs of the team from Gaoxiong No.
He then visited CPC's Miaoli oil and gas field, Puli and Dongshan service stations, Yongan LNG Terminal, and Gaoxiong Refinery.
Titled " The Moment When I Jump," it speaks of his coming from Beijing to walk the beach of Gaoxiong, where he was able to sympathize with both sides of the 1949 divide between the Communist Party and Kuomingdang.
Adachi, "Sparse multipath channel estimation using compressive sampling matching pursuit algorithm," IEEE VTS APWCS, Gaoxiong, 2010.
Asi, Gaoxiong y colaboradores muestran un estudio con la revision de los principios basicos y tecnicas de topografia Moire seguida de programacion en tres dimensiones.
Gangshan: Gaoxiong xian zhengfu, 2009) (hereafter Xin ban Quanji) vol.
The manner in which it handled the Gaoxiong Incident and the strain this put on US-ROC relations during the Carter administration had brought international pressures to bear on the regime to liberalize (Chu 1992, 39).
2001), which are based on speakers from Gaoxiong County.