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n. pl. gar·i·bal·dis
1. A loose high-necked shirt styled after the red shirts worn by Garibaldi and his soldiers.
2. An orange damselfish (Hypsypops rubicundus) native to coastal marine waters of southern California and Baja Califonia.

[After Giuseppe Garibaldi.]


(Biography) Giuseppe (dʒuˈzɛppe). 1807–82, Italian patriot; a leader of the Risorgimento. He fought against the Austrians and French in Italy (1848–49; 1859) and, with 1000 volunteers, conquered Sicily and Naples for the emerging kingdom of Italy (1860)


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a woman's loose blouse with long sleeves popular in the 1860s, copied from the red flannel shirt worn by Garibaldi's soldiers
2. (Cookery) Brit a type of biscuit having a layer of currants in the centre


(ˌgær əˈbɔl di)

n., pl. -dis.
a loose-fitting blouse worn by women in the mid-19th century, made in imitation of the red shirts worn by the soldiers of Garibaldi.


(ˌgær əˈbɔl di)

Giuseppe, 1807–82, Italian patriot and general.
Gar`i•bal′di•an, adj., n.
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Noun1.garibaldi - Italian patriot whose conquest of Sicily and Naples led to the formation of the Italian state (1807-1882)Garibaldi - Italian patriot whose conquest of Sicily and Naples led to the formation of the Italian state (1807-1882)
2.garibaldi - a loose high-necked blouse with long sleeves; styled after the red flannel shirts worn by Garibaldi's soldiers
blouse - a top worn by women
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(That height was nothing compared to Garabaldi Pass.) Then once up on top, we took a horse -drawn sleigh around the area to see beautiful views of the town from above.
14.57 (450m): Dash Time, Kaydas Babe, Druids Garabaldi (M), Monarud Jeff (M), Beechill Emma (M), Autumn Wanda (M).
This was the land of Cavour and Il Risorgimento, first newspaper to urge the battle for Italy's freedom; of Garabaldi and his thousand Redshirts who won this freedom; and of the gallant Piedmont forces who fought beside the British and the French in the bloody Crimea.
Vince Garabaldi, vice president of national sales for Fairfield, Calif.-based Jelly Belly Candy Co., says the company had great sell through last year.
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Police believe the single fire was started between a shed and a wall early on Sunday April 8, destroying the shed and contents at the Garabaldi Inn, Bromyard Road, and causing pounds 1,000 worth of damage, around 7am.
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