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Noun1.garbage disposal - a kitchen appliance for disposing of garbage
kitchen appliance - a home appliance used in preparing food
konyhai hulladékdarálókonyhamalac
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The product creates an incremental sales opportunity for the brand-which also makes the original Plink Garbage Disposer Cleaner and Deodorizer-by addressing drain odor and build-up issues that exist for drains throughout the home that don't have a garbage disposer, say officials for the Fort Wayne, Ind.
Our kitchen sinks have become another toilet; what's being added by garbage disposer units found in most urban dwellings adds substantially to the volume of waste and water that must be treated in our metropolitan sewage treatment facility.
Used to free jammed garbage disposer shredding plates, this product's packaging calls out the part number and description, features an in-use photo, allows the consumer to feel the part and includes bilingual installation instructions with illustrations.
The cafeteria uses a food pulper instead of a garbage disposer to compost kitchen food waste.
13 -- A new study about the impact of various food waste disposal systems has shown that putting it into a garbage disposer results in lower global warming potential than putting it in the trash and sending it to a landfill.
At some point during the session a "curveball" is thrown into the works, such as a mysteriously malfunctioning garbage disposer or a sudden lack of water.
Around prep sinks, she provides drawers for knives and serving utensils, and in some cases, the sink includes a garbage disposer.
Forks mangled in the garbage disposer aren't thrown away; they're straightened and used to gently lift seedlings from pots for transplanting.
Respondents in the United States installed a garbage disposer 75 percent of the time, but Canadian dealers used the appliance in only 18 percent of their jobs.
Favorite kitchen gadget: A pull-up drain on the sink; a garbage disposer button on the sink; and a pull-down secretary-office (from underneath a cabinet) in her kitchen.
If your garbage disposer hums but won't spin, what should you check?
One resident, Brown remembers, chose Craftsman tool holders for kitchen utensils and left his garbage disposer exposed.