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n. pl. gar·ban·zos

[Spanish, from Old Spanish garbanço, perhaps alteration (perhaps influenced by Old Spanish garroba, carob) of Old Spanish arvanço (compare Portuguese ervanço, chickpea), perhaps from Gothic *arwaits; akin to Dutch erwt and Old High German araweiz, pea, both from Proto-Germanic *arwait-*arwīt-, pea, pulse, probably from the same European substrate source as Greek erebinthos, chickpea, and Greek orobos and Latin ervum, bitter vetch (Vicia ervilia), a vetch once widely cultivated in the Mediterranean region as a pulse and as fodder for livestock.]


n, pl -zos
(Plants) another name for chickpea
[C18: from Spanish, from arvanço, probably of Germanic origin; compare Old High German araweiz pea]



1. a plant, Cicer arietinum, of the legume family, bearing pods containing pealike seeds.
2. chickpeas, the seeds of this plant, used as a food.
Also called garbanzo.
[1540–50; chich-pea < late Middle English chiche < Middle French « Latin cicer chickpea]
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Noun1.garbanzo - the seed of the chickpea plant
legume - the fruit or seed of any of various bean or pea plants consisting of a case that splits along both sides when ripe and having the seeds attach to one side of the case
chickpea plant, Cicer arietinum, Egyptian pea, chickpea - Asiatic herb cultivated for its short pods with one or two edible seeds
2.garbanzo - large white roundish Asiatic legume; usually dried
legume - the seedpod of a leguminous plant (such as peas or beans or lentils)
chickpea plant, Cicer arietinum, Egyptian pea, chickpea - Asiatic herb cultivated for its short pods with one or two edible seeds
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Also known as a garbanzo bean, the chickpea is a legume from the Fabaceae family (pea family) and is extremely high in protein and dietary fibers.
Scientists documented that during the garbanzo bean phase, participants reported greater satiety, ate less, and consumed fewer high-calorie processed foods.
The results revealed that jute bag displayed the most elevated percent germination in all legumes (84-96) % with the exception of kabuli chick pea, desi chick pea, garbanzo bean and cow pea which demonstrated improved percent germination when filter paper was utilized as substrata.
Cauliflower florets of 1 medium head; extra-virgin olive oil, 1tbsp; onion, 1 medi- um, sliced; caraway seed, 3/4tsp, ground or crushed; coriander, ground, 1/2tsp; crushed red pepper, to taste; salt; garbanzo bean flour, 3/4 cup; all-purpose flour or gluten-free flour blend, 1/4 cup; baking powder, 1/2tsp; large eggs, 6; jarred, roasted red pepper, rinsed and chopped, 1/2 cup; crumbled feta cheese, 3/4 cup; chopped fresh dill, divided, 3tbsp
Add the pumpkin puree, cheese, garbanzo bean puree, paprika, garlic powder, pepper, and salt.
We studied naturally-occurring heliothine populations over a 3-year period in 2 different geographic locations in plots of garbanzo bean (Cicer arietinum L.
The natural "heart-shaped" garbanzo bean also supports the heart with nutrients.
Purcell's garbanzo bean flour (also called chana dal or gram flour) retains the natural oils, yielding 10 calorics of fat per 1/4 cup serving (32 g).
Armands institution, prized for a premier comfort-food lunch of a Cuban sandwich and the 1905 salad, or the black bean soup and the sandwich, or the salad and the garbanzo bean and sausage soup.
Highlights include: red quinoa, lemon chicken with avocado corn salsa; and spicy garbanzo bean salad and marinated beetroot with feta cheese.
If you haven't figured it out already, this food is the chickpea, or garbanzo bean.
Drawn from a variety of countries and cultures from around the world, these culinary delights range from Garbanzo Bean and Roasted Pepper Salad; to Artichoke hearts Stuffed with Spinach; to Spicy Lentils with Couscous; to Tostadas with Tofu and Chayote; to Penne Baked with Mushrooms and Egglplant; and so very many more