n.1.(Naut.) Same as Garboard.
1.Anything sifted, or from which the coarse parts have been taken.
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Oil production is always up and down," said Kay Garbel, co-owner of the sole furniture store that bears her name in Crosby, a town in Divide County.
On 21th April, Commissioner [James] Chuol Diew filed a wrong accusation against me and others including Honorable Gatkuoth Dup, Stephen Jany Thoan, Chuol Hoth Kuoth, Wal Chop, Yien Chambel, Kuony Deng Wuol, Pei Lul, Garbel Chuol Rut, Yoch Nyachoat, Cibiyuor Deng and Chot Nyang that our section had evicted him from the Pulturuk Payam.
We are now experiencing what people in other urban areas are dealing with," said Kay Garbel, co-owner of a furniture store just down the road from the county's sheriff's office.