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Noun1.garbage disposal - a kitchen appliance for disposing of garbage
kitchen appliance - a home appliance used in preparing food
konyhai hulladékdarálókonyhamalac
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These illustrations can be idiosyncratic; the entry for "all-dressed," a term denoting a dish served with all possible condiments and a potatochip flavour based on this, displays a photograph of a very plain-looking bag of potato chips; "garburator," the Canadian term for a garbage disposal, has a blurry picture of one in a kitchen sink, with the photo credited to the DCHP-2's chief editor.
This bright, south-facing one bedroom condo features an enclosed balcony and many upgrades including a new fireplace, newer light fixtures, ceiling, ventilation fan, bathroom hardware and basin, kitchen sink, oven, and garburator. The unit includes in-suite laundry, one underground parking stall and a storage locker.
The panel declared that Morgentaler's behaviour reflected "an attitude which is primarily directed to protecting his fees." In 1983 the Edmonton Journal quoted Morgentaler on how his clinic disposed of unborn babies after he has aborted them: "It is just flushed down the garburator into the sink.