Garden stand

a stand for flower pots.

See also: Garden

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As for the making of knots or figures, with divers colored earths, that they may lie under the windows of the house on that side which the garden stands, they be but toys; you may see as good sights, many times, in tarts.
Eszter Nemeth was manning the Dibleys Nursery & Garden stand.
The event also included miniature garden stand flowers and vegetable stalls, as well as a flower arrangement competition.
Another quirk that makes this garden stand out is the duck pond, not to mention its wide countryside views.
We have red clay here in north Georgia, but by the time all these granddaddies had plowed and planted the cotton and cornfields where my house and garden stand, the result was brick-like earth.
Within the oasis garden stand four lightweight fabric structures, semi-circular on plan, for restaurant, conference and sports activities.
In the garden stand mature trees with rhododendrons and a variety of fir trees.
We will not question you too deeply on this complex subject, but we will be looking for other additional features in the garden that add personality and individuality that will make you and your garden stand out from the crowd.
OASIS: A beautiful water feature can make your garden stand out Picture: Haddonstone ...
Trees are fantastic to light up and really make a garden stand out.
Justin Tose, head of retail for CCFC, said: "These little characters are proving to be really popular - they can brighten up any home and make any garden stand out as belonging to a true Sky Blue.
But, even so, a plaque on a neat brick wall says: 'The walls of this garden stand upon the foundations of the mill's machinery cellar.
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