Garden ware

garden truck.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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offers wide range of furniture, tools, appliances and garden ware that you may need occasionally and not want to buy
The licence entailed an application for a permit to build a supermarket, and a shopping centre with home and garden ware.
A Midland door chime company has boosted its expansion into the home and garden ware market with two sales appointments.
When asked about which categories have been expanded to utilize the additional space, Freudenberg answers, "convenience food and lawn and garden ware. This area is far more residential than Forest Hills [in the New York borough of Queens, where Freudenberg just served]."
Rainbow Room Workshop, based in West Kirby, will be showcasing hand-painted home and garden ware and offering face painting for children (and for brave grown-ups too).
Don Hirsch, one of a handful of local farmers showcasing their homegrown garden wares Saturday at Keyes Park, said the market was moved from downtown to the park so that vendors and the general public would both be shaded from the sun on a hot summer day.
Leading Qatari landscaping and agricultural organisations are also participating, showcasing a range of products and garden wares. Additionally, the exhibition aims to teach the wider community about the garden tools required to establish orchards - both small - and large-scale - and the most up-to-date technologies currently being utilised around the world.
Leading Qatari landscaping and agricultural organizations are also participating, showcasing a range of products and garden wares.
ANTIQUES, VINTAGE AND HANDMADE MARKET On Sunday, Warwick's Market Place will be brimming with time-worn and painted rustic furniture, acres of original textiles, haberdashery, handmade soft furnishings such as cushions and lampshades, quirky flea market finds, vintage and antique ceramics, glass, vintage garden wares and lots more.
The Shopping Village is one of the biggest independent shopping experiences in the North West and offers visitors more than 350 stalls selling everything from craftmaking goods to home and garden wares.
* Position tall display racks centered in a room or placed above low level shelving to hang aesthetic garden wares and make the most of small spaces while creating ambiance.
Among the items for purchase are a wide variety of plants, including vegetables and seedlings; used garden books and tools; garden art and other garden wares. Talks, presentations and an "Ask a Master Gardener" booth also are planned.