Gardenia jasminoides

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Noun1.Gardenia jasminoides - evergreen shrub widely cultivated for its large fragrant waxlike white flowers and glossy leaves
gardenia - any of various shrubs and small trees of the genus Gardenia having large fragrant white or yellow flowers
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Anti-hyperlipidemic effect of crocin isolated from the fructus of Gardenia jasminoides and its metabolite crocetin.
Queen of the plants for indoor fragrance, however, has to be Gardenia jasminoides - cape jasmine.
Because she had pyrosis, herbal pharmacist added an extract of Gardenia jasminoides to her prescription; she was not evaluated or diagnosed by any doctor.
Recently, an integrated proteomic and metabolomics research demonstrated that a combination of natural products comprising of Rheum palmatum L., Gardenia jasminoides Ellis, and Artemisia annua L., had an improved therapeutic effect on hepatic injury syndrome through regulating dynamic patterns in metabolic biomarkers and target proteins and activating both intrinsic and extrinsic pathways [10].
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Ji, "Potential hepatotoxicity of geniposide, the major iridoid glycoside in dried ripe fruits of Gardenia jasminoides (Zhi-zi)," Natural Product Research (Formerly Natural Product Letters), vol.
The anti-inflammatory effects of Coptidis Rhizoma, Gardeniae Fructus (Gardenia jasminoides Ellis, Rubiaceae), and Rhei Rhizoma (Rheum palmatum L., Polygonaceae) have been previously studied in RAW 264.7 cells [22-24].