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 (gärd′nər), Erle Stanley 1889-1970.
American lawyer and detective novelist known for creating the character of Perry Mason, a clever attorney.


, Isabella Stewart 1840-1924.
American collector and patron of the arts. She built a Venetian Gothic palazzo in Boston to house her collection of art objects and opened it to the public in 1903.


(Biography) Ava. 1922–90, US film actress. Her films include The Killers (1946), The Sun also Rises (1957), and The Night of the Iguana (1964)


(ˈgɑrd nər)

Erle Stanley, 1889–1970, U.S. writer.
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Noun1.Gardner - United States collector and patron of art who built a museum in Boston to house her collection and opened it to the public in 1903 (1840-1924)
2.Gardner - writer of detective novels featuring Perry Mason (1889-1970)
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On the highest mountains of Brazil, some few European genera were found by Gardner, which do not exist in the wide intervening hot countries.
But that was one of a series of lies Gardner told to protect himself after the murder, Birmingham Crown Court was told.
FOOTBALL star Paul Gascoigne's best friend and drinking buddy Jimmy "Five Bellies" Gardner is being investigated by Social Security fraud-busters.
Sundnas and his wife Marcia of Kansas City, Kansas; three sisters, Adele Bockus of East Templeton, Irene LaJoie of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Helen Nicholson of Nova Scotia; one brother, Henry Lesneski of Indio, California; her sister in-law, Evelyn White of Gardner; and many nieces and nephews, including Patricia Lasky of Gardner.
Rulon Gardner wrestled eight siblings, heads of cattle and small-town stereotypes.
Jay" Gardner has been named president and chief operating officer of Discovery Zone, Inc.
Gardner has been named senior vice president for business development at RS Information Systems, Inc.
He is survived by his brothers and their spouses, Michael and Mary Gardner of Worcester, Steve and Debbie Gardner of Worcester, Edmund and Patricia Gardner of Woodstock, NH and Walter and Lori Gardner of Webster, two sisters and their spouses, Barbara and Brian Shaw of Salinas, CA and Christine and Rubin Lugo-Medina of Worcester and many nieces and nephews.
Bradley Gardner, 43, of Camarillo also will have to register with the state as a convicted sex offender and pay a $1,000 fine for what Judge Bruce Clark called ``an embarrassing set of facts.
1, 1993, the portfolio managers of the Gardner and Preston Moss Division of INVESCO will affiliate with the investment counsel group of Eaton Vance.
His boss today, Oakmont head coach Eric Dawley, remembers watching that talented Gardner team back in 1990 when he was an eighth-grader.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, March 2001: Fourteen-year-old Gardner has always felt close to his father, but now that his dad has lost his job he seems to have lost his sense of direction in life, and Gardner worries that they've become estranged.