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n. pl. Garifuna or Garifu·nas
1. A member of a people of Carib, Arawak, and African ancestry living along the Caribbean coast of Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Nicaragua. The Garifuna were deported to the area in the late 1700s after their defeat by the British on the island of St. Vincent, where shipwrecked and escaped African slaves had intermarried with the indigenous population beginning in the early 1600s.
2. The Arawakan language spoken by the Garifuna.

[American Spanish Garífuna, from Proto-Carib *karipona, Carib.]
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It said that among the speakers will be Uwahnie Martinez, the director of Palmento Grove Garifuna Eco Cultural and Fishing Institute in Belize, a private island retreat owned and operated by local Garifuna people; Colonel Marcia 'Kim' Douglas of Jamaica's Charles Town Maroon Community; a representative of the Indian Creek Mayan Art Women's Group of Belize and Rudolph Edwards, the toshao (chief) of Rewa village in Guyana, a small Amerindian community of about 300 people, mostly from the Makushi tribe, who founded the Rewa Eco-Lodge in 2005 in an effort to protect their land for generations to come.
Among them: "Konzan ayin mbaa bu maban" in Jju (Nigeria): "Buiti achuluruni houn sungubei;" in Garifuna (Belize): "Katta uchta shohlik;" in Uzbek (Uzbekistan): "Kami menyambut semua orang" in Bahasa (Indonesia).
The event was closed by the 'boundary-pushing' Garifuna Collective from Belize, while singer Tabitha Jade also impressed on the main stage.
Un gran numero de personas de la comunidad garifuna han sido desplazadas de esas tierras, las cuales parecen ser un tesoro para las elites economicas hondurenas y grandes inversionistas trasnacionales en el sector turistico.
After Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras, women from the Garifuna Afro-indigenous community located on the Caribbean coast of Honduras created the Garifuna Emergency Committee.
Who: Standing out as a respected cultural ambassador among indigenous communities around the world, the Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival (GIIFF) is returning to Venice, California, for its 7th annual event this coming May 25, 2018.
Mientras Kiko actuaba, su hermana Isa se casaba con Alberto Isla en Supervivientes por el rito garifuna: "Me alegro mucho de que estemos aqui.
Dangriga is the cultural capital of the Keel-billed toucan great days out for half-term A cracking time in glorious Krakow Museum of pharaohs FROM PAGE 43 Garifuna people who, in traditional boats and costumes on every November 19, re-enact their 19th century arrival in Belize from the Caribbean island of St Vincent.
Castillo was selected as "Honduran Doctor of the Year" by Rotary International's Tegucigalpa chapter in 2007, the same year he founded the first hospital in his indigenous Garifuna community, which doesn't charge the poor for its services.
As a result, indigenous Kalinago and Garifuna communities throughout the Caribbean and Central America are still working to overcome these malicious characterizations.
Maya and Garifuna women, building a life of dignity and justice (Mujeres Mayas y garfunas, construyendo una vida digna y con justicia)
Esto implica su reconocida multiculturalidad, misma que se expresa a partir de sus hablas (se reconocen mas de veinte idiomas y entre ellos el espanol como lengua franca de estirpe europea iberica, y el xinca y el garifuna, como idiomas aparte de los otros, los mayas, devenidos estos de un tronco comun mesoamericano que es el nahuatl del centro de Mexico).