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n. pl. Garifuna or Garifu·nas
1. A member of a people of Carib, Arawak, and African ancestry living along the Caribbean coast of Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Nicaragua. The Garifuna were deported to the area in the late 1700s after their defeat by the British on the island of St. Vincent, where shipwrecked and escaped African slaves had intermarried with the indigenous population beginning in the early 1600s.
2. The Arawakan language spoken by the Garifuna.

[American Spanish Garífuna, from Proto-Carib *karipona, Carib.]
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Dangriga is the cultural capital of the Keel-billed toucan FROM PAGE 29 Garifuna people who, in traditional boats and costumes on every November 19, re-enact their 19th century arrival in Belize from the Caribbean island of St Vincent.
Few things give a culture pride as does heritage and few embody heritage as do the Garifuna people of Roatan.
Robert Charlotte's series of portraits of the Garifuna people of St Vincent tell the through of story of the artist's encounter with his Caribbean brothers and the Garifunas' strong will to remain free.
It is form of dance created by Garifuna people and is generally performed during festivities.
That region is also home to the Garifuna people and to the Guadalupe Carney campesino community that has been a locus of resistance and land reclamation efforts.
Some decades earlier, at the beginning of the 19th century, a minority Garifuna people (descendants of African and indigenous people from St.
This instructional DVD is an unprecedented look at the music and rhythms of the Garifuna people of Central America (mostly Belize).
These arguments adopt international indigenous rights discourse which tend to essentialize women as bearers of culture and responsible for the survival of the Garifuna people.
com, and learned about the Garifuna American Heritage Foundation, dedicated to preserving the uniqueness of the culture, history, language, music, arts, crafts, foods and values of the Garifuna people.
Many Garifuna people live in fishing villages along the coast of what country directly north of Nicaragua?
The lively celebration illustrates the devotion and enthusiasm of the Garifuna people in keeping their culture alive through music, dance and food.