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 (gär′mĭsh-pär′tn-kîr′kən, -KHən)
A city of southern Germany in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps near Oberammergau. It is a noted resort.
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"Unfortunately racing this weekend in Garmisch isn't in the cards," Vonn said in an Instagram post on Thursday.
After Garmisch, her next scheduled competition is the world championships in Are, Sweden, which open on Feb.
Garmisch, as it's known, is home to the fearsome "Kandahar'' World Cup downhill track, the site of the 2011 alpine World Cup Championships as well as the inaugural 1936 Olympic Games, the first to include winter sports.
Deja assuree de remporter le Gros Globe de cristal du classement general, la Slovene s'est imposee dans la descente de Garmisch et a porte son total pour la saison a 2.024 points a sept courses de la fin de la saison.
This year the winning mens team was DA[sup.3]Unheimlich Feirigen Garmisch who went down in a time of 01:38.
Garmisch is a bustling Bavarian town dating back to 1802, while the quaint and picturesque Partenkirchen is an old Roman trading route settlement.
Austrian resorts had heavy snow on Thursday, with Lech and Zurs getting 65cm, and Garmisch in Germany 70cm.
Mrs Davis and her husband had been to Garmisch - Partenkirchen in southern Germany before, police said, and had been in the town for eight days.
Marshall European Center for Security Studies Garmisch, Germany; established in 1993 Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies Honolulu, HI; established in 1995 Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies* Washington, D.C.; established in 1997 Africa Center for Strategic Studies* Washington, D.C.; established in 1999 Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies* Washington, D.C.; established in 2000 * In partnership with the National Defense University
2 European PDI 2005 was conducted in the Conference Center of the newly completed Armed Forces Recreation Center Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch, Germany.
From the indoor pool guests can watch the World Cup ski run at the nearby Garmisch Olympic ski course.
Garmisch's, used for World Cup events, is 3,700 metres long, dropping 940 metres in height from a tricky patch of moguls to a steep final descent.