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 (gär′mĭsh-pär′tn-kîr′kən, -KHən)
A city of southern Germany in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps near Oberammergau. It is a noted resort.
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"We operate in the Grey Zone, between traditional war and peace," he informed a room of US, African, and European military personnel at the Special Operations Command--Africa Commander's Conference, held in Garmisch, Germany, in November 2015.
Byline: JASON BEATTIE Political Editor at G7 in Garmisch, Germany
Dan Snow in Garmisch, Germany, below, and at Lake Placid, where US amateur college players beat the Soviets in ice hockey, left
It's just one of those things ." Britain is hoping to equal its best Winter Olympics haul, in 1936 in Garmisch, Germany, when the team won three medals.
In Garmisch, Germany, the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, located at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, offers special vacation packages for service members on R&R leave from operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, as well as from duty in the Balkans.
CURLING:David Murdoch's Scots claimed European Championships bronze after beating Switzerland 7-5 in Garmisch, Germany, yesterday.
#DAVID MURDOCH'S team won compensation bronze at the European Curling Championships in Garmisch, Germany, beating the Swiss 7-5.
Potoski, 45, who was the civilian director of contracting at the Armed Forces Recreation Center in Garmisch, Germany, is cooperating with investigators.
Marshall European Center for Security Studies, opened the four-day conference in Garmisch, Germany last month by telling approximately 0 participants that cyber security is among the most important security issues facing society today.