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Noun1.Garnier - French architect (1825-1898)
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Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine 6,788 + 8.2% 1.46%
Shampoo Ad Counts at Key Retailers (Circulars) Retailer Ad Count Ad Share Publix 601 8.3% Rite-Aid 565 7.8% CVS 561 7.7% Walgreens 307 4.2% Giant Eagle 296 4.1% Stop & Shop 245 3.4% Giant--Carlisle 241 3.3% Giant--Landover 241 3.3% Tops (Food) 220 3.0% Price Chopper 213 2.9% Most Promoted Shampoo Brands (Circulars) Pantene 11.1% Suave 9.6% Garnier Fructis 8.8% Tresemme 8.7% Clairol Herbal Essence 8.1% Dove 7.6% Head & Shoulders 6.5% L'Oreal 5.4% Ogx 4.2% Aussie 4.0% Note: Table made from bar graph.
Garnier Fructis Brilliantine Shine Glossing Spray, $3, drugstores
Garnier Fructis Advertising: For Any Hair Type Clever advertising campaign uses clever photography to promote Garnier Fructis shampoo for men and women.
To tame your mane without spending a whole lot of money, use ( Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine products to control frizz, moisturize, and create shine for your hair.
Through the years, Campinell has been responsible for overseeing some of the company's most important launches, including Garnier Fructis shampoos and hair care products, which were introduced in the American market in 2003, and the Nutritioniste line which launched in 2007.
New Garnier Fructis Style products promise long lasting performance and take care of the hair while tending to its styling needs at the same time.
And winners will also receive Garnier Fructis Colour-Last Shampoo, conditioner, revitalising mask and a Garnier towel.
Garnier Fructis hair conditioner, where the pretty lady ties her hair in a knot
Garnier Fructis Style Reworkable Gum - pounds 3.99 RESEMBLES the kind of stuff Linda Blair produced when possessed in The Exorcist and leaves your hair with a faint gloss.