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Ten years ago was the time, a garrison town in Cyprus the place.
He regretted the clink of sabre and spurs on a fine afternoon, the barrack-room witticisms, the girls of garrison towns; but, besides, he had also a sense of grievance.
Troubles came of this, for many of them stayed inactive in garrison towns in the rear, without attempting to tickle up the backs of the enemy behind us, and we were being driven back on France.
The heavily fortified site, which looks like a small garrison town, is under the control of the Supreme Court.
The English-language series chronicles the story of a group of unlikely individuals who lead a rebellion against a brutal governor and suddenly find themselves in control of a Dutch garrison town called Grisse.
Anwar said he believed he can win the seat as he had an excellent track record of having championed the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) personnel and veterans of the garrison town as Port Dickson town is known as.
The Garrison town was bedecked with banners, bunting and blue and yellow bicycles as the riders came down the hill towards Catterick Garrison past the new Princes Gate Shopping Centre to the camp centre roundabout before turning right towards the start line.
Brigadier Sumith Atapattu said the explosion occurred near Diyatalawa, a former garrison town about 120 miles from the capital, Colombo.
The new homes will be built around the Salisbury Plain training area and the garrison town of Aldershot, Hants.
There are visits to Wellington's (and Sharpe's) Spain in the walled city of Ciudad Rodrigo and Almeida, just over the border in Portugal - a walled garrison town in a time warp from the Peninsular War.
Osama was tracked down after a 10-year manhunt to Abbottabad, a garrison town north of Islamabad where Pakistan's military academy is headquartered, sparking allegations authorities were colluding with the terror group.
December 19th 1914: The Examiner reported that the "billeting of officers and men of the 7th (Colne Valley) Reserve Battalion West Riding Territorials at Milnsbridge had transformed the district into a miniature garrison town and the streets are now crowded with khaki-clad soldiers learning the serious business of war."