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Noun1.Gary Kasparov - Azerbaijani chess master who became world champion in 1985 by defeating Anatoli Karpov (born in 1963)
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1997: World chess champion Gary Kasparov was defeated by IBM supercomputer Deep Blue.
1985: A fire broke out in the main stand of Bradford City football ground and 1997: World chess champion Gary Kasparov was defeated by IBM supercomputer Deep Blue.
Simply put, that's what beat Gary Kasparov as he faced off against IBM in a 1997 chess game.
The latest acronym for the US tech giants is the G-MAFIA, and Gary Kasparov half-joked to a packed room that "technology is one of the main reasons why so many people are still alive to complain about technology".
IBM's Deep Blue defeated Gary Kasparov in the first game of a six-game match in just three hours.
In what was a giant step for computerkind and a depressing day for mankind, Deep Blue-a chess-playing AI that could scan 200 million positions per second and analyse 74 moves ahead-shocked the world when it made history by outmaneuvering Gary Kasparov, a chess world champion who, at 22, was eating other grandmasters for breakfast and who had never lost to a human opponent.
Many experts, such as former World Champion Gary Kasparov, believe Carlsen needs to improve in his opening gambits.
It was like watching grandmaster Gary Kasparov play chess with a kindergartener, or like watching Bruce Lee fight Shaikh Rashid every strike was surgical, every blow splintered bone and tore muscle.
In 1997, IBM's Deep Blue chess-playing machine beat a reigning world champion, Gary Kasparov.
One of the popular examples of such a machine was IBM's Deep Blue, which defeated the then world chess champion Gary Kasparov in 1997.
2 In which activity was Gary Kasparov world champion?
Rather than find the best moves through sheer computational force the way IBM's DeepBlue did to beat chess champion Gary Kasparov, AlphaGo's approach is based on convolutional neural networks and reinforcement learning, allowing it to essentially teach itself over time.