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The principal activity of the company is production of white crystalline sugar, ethanol and top gas carbon dioxide.
The jaunt produces emissions of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide equal to rearing and slaughtering 12,500 pigs, says Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.
Burning fossil fuels releases the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which warms the earth and contributes to global warming.
The chemists have engineered a molecule that uses light or electricity to convert the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide -- a carbon-neutral fuel source -- more efficiently than any other method of "carbon reduction." "If you can create an efficient enough molecule for this reaction, it will produce energy that is free and storable in the form of fuels," said Li, associate professor in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Chemistry.
In conjunction, Praxair's system to be installed at Libbey will be designed to reduce natural gas consumption and flue gas carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 20%.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- NASA is about to launch a satellite dedicated to the study of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.
* Following a successful test phase, Bayer MaterialScience is aiming to commercialize the use of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide as a new raw material for plastics.
BASF, the Linde Group and ThyssenKrupp have announced a plan to develop an environmentally friendly and competitive basis for utilising the climate gas carbon dioxide (CO2) on an industrial scale.
University of Adelaide researchers have developed a new nano-material that could help separate the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from nitrogen.
According to the agreement, Invista and Lanza-Tech will collaborate on projects to develop one-step and two-step technologies to convert industrial waste gas carbon monoxide into butadiene.
Responsible homeowners and landlords should install at least one wall mounted carbon monoxide detector into the home or rented properties containing gas appliances, as a safety precaution to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning (British Gas carbon monoxide warning and safety campaign 2011).