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Noun1.gas heater - a heater that burns gas for heatgas heater - a heater that burns gas for heat  
heater, warmer - device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room
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It is double glazed throughout, comes with gas heating and an intercom system, as well as secure car parking.
A gas heating replacement programme will see more than PS1 million invested across East Renfreweshire.
Bislimovski said that the price of gas heating could not be debated now yet he added it would be competitive because central heating, at least where BEG's network spreads, is costlier for individual households.
Additionally, hot water will be supplied to the wastewater treatment plant for digester gas heating at 70 degrees Celsius, allowing for an efficient system.
14 July 2015 - UK-based gas heating and building services provider Bilby Plc (AIM: BILB.L) has acquired the entire issued share capital of UK-based property services business Purdy Holdings Ltd.
The majority of tenants opted for the new gas heating system to replace the old electric storage heaters which were ineffi-cient and expensive to run.
Of single-family homes completed in 2013, 347,000--or 61%--were built with gas heating systems.
For older people these concerns may be compounded because they have to use oil or coal to heat their homes instead of cheaper and easier to manage gas heating. But there is help available.
The system is powered by electricity, making the need for gas heating redundant.
Beginning with a general overview of infrared radiant gas heating, the site includes comparisons with forced air heating, and its up to 70% fuel savings.