tank truck

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tank′ truck`

a truck with a tank body, suitable for transporting gases or liquids in bulk.
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Preliminary investigation by the Agency revealed that 3 reservoir tanks for storage of gas and one 33, 000-litre gas truck in the Gas Station were engulfed in fire with a secondary explosion within the gas station.
The most recent being the introduction of the new Stralis NP 460, the first high performance natural gas truck for heavy long-haul missions, which is being implemented within CNH Industrials logistics transportation strategy.
gas truck sales in the US and Canada saw a dip in year-to-date sales through August a drop of 29% behind last year's level.
USPRwire, Mon Aug 29 2016] Complete Global and Chinese Natural Gas Truck Industry, 2016 Market Research Report with 150 pages, 11 chapters and 98 List of figures, 8 Company Profile Available for US $2800 at ReportsnReports.
The incident took place in a reservoir of a gas company in the northern part of the city late Monday night after a gas truck exploded near the complex.
A in-house team of financing, engineering, construction, operations, and customer service specialists guide fleet owners through the diesel to natural gas truck power transition, targeting cost-efficient fueling solutions tailored to business needs and budgets.
The driver then crashed into two cars, injuring the female victim, as well as striking a Northwest Natural Gas truck with a male driver inside.
Rescue workers comb through the rubble where a gas truck exploded at a maternity and children's hospital in
MEXICO CITY (TAP) - A gas truck explosion ripped through a maternity hospital on the western edge of Mexico City on Thursday, killing three and injuring dozens, authorities said.
The gas truck driver and two other employees of the Express Nieto company were hospitalized but were in custody, Mancera said.
Funk noted that Omnitek's conversion technology offers a projected payback of less than two years -- a significant advantage compared with a projected payback of five-to- seven years for a new natural gas truck purchase.
But truck companies must fork over an extra $40,000 to $80,000 per natural gas truck - a big markup considering a heavy-duty diesel truck starts at about $100,000.