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 (găs′kəl), Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson 1810-1865.
British writer noted for her Life of Charlotte Brontë (1857) and her novels depicting the oppression of workers in England in the 1800s.


(Biography) Mrs. married name of Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson. 1810–65, English novelist. Her novels include Mary Barton (1848), an account of industrial life in Manchester, and Cranford (1853), a social study of a country village


(ˈgæs kəl)

Mrs. (Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson Gaskell), 1810–65, English novelist.
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Noun1.Gaskell - English writer who is remembered for her biography of Charlotte Bronte (1810-1865)Gaskell - English writer who is remembered for her biography of Charlotte Bronte (1810-1865)
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Gaskell was authoress also of many stories, long and short, of which the best known is 'Cranford' (1853), a charming portrayal of the quaint life of a secluded village.
Gaskell, who was in large degree her model; and as a result her books, from the beginning, are masterpieces of the best sort of realism.
Judge Gaskell told him: "You do not need me to tell you it is utterly contemptible any man should get sexual gratification by going on his computer to see images of children being abused.
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