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A guest worker, especially one in Germany.

[German : Gast, guest (from Middle High German, from Old High German; see ghos-ti- in Indo-European roots) + Arbeiter, worker (from arbeiten, to work, from Arbeit, work, from Middle High German arebeit, from Old High German arabeit; see orbh- in Indo-European roots).]


(ˈgɑstˌɑr baɪ tər)

n., pl. -beit•er (-baɪ tər)
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In the 1960s, many Korean nurses and mine workers migrated to Germany, as the country invited Korean laborers as part of its Gastarbeiter program.
A German Nazi scientist who found refuge in Fernando Po at the outbreak of World War II observed that 'usually the Nigerian Gastarbeiter returns home' after their first contract with 'about three pounds in savings' (Wolff 1942: 98).
Echoes of Turkish immigration and Gastarbeiter in the 1970s are found in the Polish field hands of the nineteenth-century.
Spengler also warned against off-shoring and the importation of Gastarbeiter at a time when most conservatives saw only the economic advantages.
Antonijevic's study shows that most of the gastarbeiters' life stories are marked by one fundamental myth--the myth of success, which is significantly determined by another recurrent gastarbeiter subject, the myth of homecoming: "Either real or only imagined, homecoming constitutes an essential determinant of life strategies of temporary work migrants, even when this 'temporariness' extends over several decades .
Unwilling to identify itself as a final destination for immigrants and believing that the guest workers, or Gastarbeiter, would eventually return to their native countries, Germany initially concentrated on developing short-term solutions to pressing problems instead of devising a long-term strategy.
As a son of a Turkish Gastarbeiter, I played football at a local club in Duisburg, Germany.
A visit to Germany to explore the situation of the Gastarbeiter or "guest workers," which, in Germany, comprise mainly Turkish immigrants, reveals similar divisions between the majority of Germans, who accept these immigrants, and far right groups such as the "German Freedom Party" or the Pegida, who are Islamophobic and instead scapegoat these immigrant communities.
Luton Airport is "one of the main places for processing the thousands of poorly-paid, poorly-housed East and Central European Gastarbeiter, those who largely constructed the 'New Britain' promised by the now defunct New Labour movement" (xi) while the City of London becomes the "neurotically protected undead capital of undead financial capitalism.
From the cinematic representations of the titanic and bloody struggles of World War II to various efforts at reconciliation, the Gastarbeiter phenomenon, Adriatic tourism, Yugoslavia as no-man's-land straddling "the Wall," and finally the post-1991 wave of NGOs in Belgrade, Sarajevo, and Zagreb, Vegel paints a portrait of the two countries as mutually dependent, at least in terms of self-image.
Los Gastarbeiter, "trabajadores invitados" a vivir con las maletas listas
En effet, dans les annees 1950, se met en place la politique du Gastarbeiter (travailleur saisonnier) consistant a recruter des travailleurs saisonniers faiblement qualifies, principalement dans les pays entourant la Mediterranee.