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Noun1.Gasterophilus - type genus of the Gasterophilidae: horse botfliesGasterophilus - type genus of the Gasterophilidae: horse botflies
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Gasterophilus intestinalis, horse botfly - parasitic chiefly on horses
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The causal agents linked to nosocomial myiases belong to the genera Sarcophaga, Oestrus, Gasterophilus, Cochliomyia, Lucilia, Chrysomya, and Musca [4, 11, 17, 19].
Ocurrence of equine cavitary myiasis (Gasterophilus spp) and its relation with secondary gastric ulcers of the squamous mucosa in Temuco, Chile
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Los agentes etiologicos mas frecuentes corresponden a los generos Sarcophaga, Dermatobia, Oestrus, Gasterophilus, Cochliomyia, Lucilia, Chrysomya y Musca (2).
Important species of Gasterophilus (G.) botfly include: G.