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Noun1.Gastropoda - snails and slugs and their relativesGastropoda - snails and slugs and their relatives
Mollusca, phylum Mollusca - gastropods; bivalves; cephalopods; chitons
gastropod, univalve - a class of mollusks typically having a one-piece coiled shell and flattened muscular foot with a head bearing stalked eyes
family Strombidae, Strombidae - the family of conchs
limpet - any of various usually marine gastropods with low conical shells; found clinging to rocks in littoral areas
family Patellidae, Patellidae - marine limpets
Ancylidae, family Ancylidae - freshwater gastropod
Opisthobranchia, subclass Opisthobranchia - gastropods having the gills when present posterior to the heart and having no operculum: includes sea slugs; sea butterflies; sea hares
Akeridae, family Akeridae - bubble shells
order Pulmonata, Pulmonata - large order of gastropods usually breathing by means of a lung-like sac comprising most land snails and slugs and many freshwater snails
order Pectinibranchia, Pectinibranchia - large order of gastropods comprising univalve mollusks that have a single gill resembling a comb
Amphineura, subclass Amphineura - a class of Gastropoda
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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A familia agricultora reconhece onze grupos taxonomicos como minhocas (Oligochaeta); acaro (Acari); aranha (Araneae); tatu-bola (Isopoda); cachorrinho da terra (Orthoptera); pulgao e percevejo (Hemiptera); cascudo, joaninha e coro (Coleoptera); borboleta (Lepidoptera); formigas e abelhas (Hymenoptera) e caracol (Gastropoda).
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The phylum mollusca is divided into nine taxonomic classes, of which Class- Gastropoda is the most important class comprising more than 80 % of all living species.
Bisphenol A induces superfeminization in the ramshorn snail Marisa cornuarietis (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia) at environmentally relevant concentrations.
Rare prey taxa in the stomachs included Gastropoda (2), Lepidoptera (2), Coleoptera (2), Hemiptera (2), Megaloptera (1), Collembola (1), Diplopoda (1), Ephemeroptera (1) and Arachnida (1).
globosus, and Biomphalaria are simultaneous hermaphrodite snails (Gastropoda, Pulmonata).