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n.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to the stomach and spleen; as, the gastrosplenic ligament.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Retrospective Study to Compare Selective Decongestive Devascularization and Gastrosplenic Shunt versus Splenectomy with Pericardial Devascularization for the Treatment of Patients with Esophagogastric Varices Due to Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension.
The abdomen was inflated with 14 mmHg carbon dioxide, then starting from approximately 3cm prepyloric, the gastrocolic and gastrosplenic ligaments were cut with a 5 mm LigaSure (Covidien, Dublin, Ireland), and the stomach was mobilized.
An infected material in the gastrosplenic area after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) due to hematoma or staple line leak has the potential to spread of the bacterial content to the liver which can result in pyogenic liver abscess.
(2) Exploration and dissection of the pancreas: laparoscopic coagulation shears were used to dissect the gastrocolic and gastrosplenic ligaments further exposing the abdominal surface of the pancreas, and care was taken to preserve the left gastroepiploic vessels and short gastric vessels.
Uflacker classified the celiac trunk into 8 types: classic coeliac trunk, hepatosplenic trunk, hepatogastric trunk, hepatosplenicmesenteric trunk, gastrosplenic trunk, coeliac-mesenteric trunk, and no coeliac trunk [2].
The gastrocolic and gastrosplenic ligaments as well as short gastric vessels and the left gastroepiploic artery are preserved, and the blood supply to the spleen remains sufficient.
In addition, there is soft tissue inflammation involving the gastric fundus, gastrosplenic ligament, and gastrohepatic ligament.
Nakamura Y et al [6] observed left inferior phrenic artery arising from the gastrosplenic trunk.
A gastrosplenic fistula has been reported by Lee et al (7) in a 61 -year-old male presenting with abdominal discomfort and cough.
PSPH is defined as a pathological condition of splanchnic venous hypertension localized within the left-sided gastrosplenic region in pancreatic diseases.
Lesser omentum was cut closer to the liver and gastro phrenic, gastrosplenic ligaments were cut to release the stomach.