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Having both a digestive and a circulatory function, as the guts of flatworms and cnidarians.


(Biology) (esp of the body cavities of coelenterates) functioning in digestion and circulation


(ˌgæs troʊˈvæs kyə lər)

adj. Zool.
serving for digestion and circulation, as a cavity.
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For group-2, the identifiable structures were: epidermis and rhabdites, layer of longitudinal muscular fibers, lumen of pharynx, pharynx cavity, gastrovascular cavity, parenchyma and bowel lumen--see Figure 4.
Measurements on histological cross-sections [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2a, b OMITTED], indicated that the gastrovascular cavity accounts for an average of 45% (n = 5; SD = 12.
Stolons encase fluid-filled canals that are continuous with the gastrovascular cavity of the polyp.