Gate channel

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THE NINTH GATE Channel 5, 9pm A book dealer is hired by a wealthy collector to locate the two remaining copies of 17th-century work The Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows.
These included swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco''s Fisherman''s Wharf wearing handcuffs and swimming the Golden Gate Channel while towing a 2,500-pound cabin cruiser.
Shrinking the transistor primarily entails shortening its gate channel, which means that charged particles have a shorter path to follow between the device's source and drain.
Strain makes CMOS transistors work better by enabling electrical charges, such as electrons, to pass more easily through the silicon lattice of the gate channel.
The field encourages or chokes off current in a narrow strip, called the gate channel, that spans the device's so-called source and drain regions.
When deposited on top of the gate channel, the material created tensile stress in the underlying silicon, thereby speeding up electron mobility there.
Instead of adding a compressed layer above or below the gate channel to directly induce compression in the channel itself, Ghani and his colleagues replaced the silicon in the source and drain with silicon-germanium.
Even the gate channels themselves are now so short that worrisome amounts of current leak from source to drain.