gated community

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gat·ed community

A subdivision or neighborhood, often surrounded by a barrier, to which entry is restricted to residents and their guests.
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résidence protégée
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Muscat: Over the years, gated communities in Oman have gained momentum and it is extremely in high demand among the people, says Chief Executive Officer of Zain Property Development.
Setiawangsa residents can expect more government funds to be injected into the area's 28 Parent-Teacher Associations, public housing upgrades, including the creation of 'gated communities', and free health checks if Barisan Nasional (BN) retains the federal seat in the May 9 polls.
Regulation of Gated Communities for the First Time in Jordan: Proposed Real Estate Communities Law
In the top seven cities in India, myGate estimates show that there are more than 100,000 gated communities with 35 million residents.
This study aims to evaluate gated communities as a product from the customers' perspective.
Go in for a home at one of Dubai's upcoming gated communities? Or will an investor get more bang for the buck from one at any of the city's existing destinations?
Summary: Two large gated communities are planned for Terbol, near Tripoli, and Damour, south of Beirut.
Until the New Year everybody wanted palatial dwellings overtaken by gated communities. Now people are becoming more selective in their dwelling choice.
A VAST and widening gap between the rich and poor will result in more gated communities, rising crime and racial ghettos, according to an alarming report.
DUBAI: Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Village Triangle and Al Furjan - which between them house around 16,500 people - will all become fenced, gated communities this year.
SEVEN MILLION American households, about 6 percent of the nation's population, live in gated communities, often in the hope of avoiding crime.

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