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a.1.Having no gate.
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Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS), a business unit of Cubic Corporation, today announced that Niosha Kayhani, research and development engineer at the Cubic Innovation Centre in London, will present on the companys gateless gateline prototype system, including the use of biometric technology for fare validation, at the 23rd International Conference on Urban Transportation and the Environment in Rome, Italy, from September 57.
Police said that driver of a Mazda Truck carrying over 20 persons of Kolhi community tried to cross the main railway track from gateless railway crossing of Village Mureed Sipiyo, a kilometre away from Allah Dino Sand Railway Station.
For example, Snyder's "Abelard koan" works similarly to "Joshu's Oak Tree," a famous koan found in The Gateless Gate, which is, like The Blue Cliff Records, a compilation of koans accompanied by explanatory verses and notes.
We set down in a desert without the sinuous sands of the movies, in a camp, by the gateless Jericho.
First, Negroes are trapped--as many whites are trapped--in inherited, gateless poverty.
loosing their long warnings before they reached the gateless crossings