Gatún Lake

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Ga·tún Lake

 (gə-to͞on′, gä-)
An artificial lake of central Panama formed by the impounding of the Chagres River. It is a major link in the Panama Canal system.

Gatún Lake

(Spanish ɡaˈtun)
(Placename) a lake in Panama, part of the Panama Canal: formed in 1912 on the completion of the Gatún Dam across the Chagres River. Area: 424 sq km (164 sq miles)

Gatun′ Lake′

an artificial lake in central Panama, forming part of the Panama Canal: created by a dam (Gatun′ Dam′) across the Chagres River. 164 sq. mi. (425 sq. km).
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2m and between the Atlantic inner anchorage inside the Cristobal breakwater and Gatun lake, utilizing the new locks, the report said.
Although we didn't actually sail through the canal on Dream, we had an opportunity to see its biggest locks in action when we stopped at Gatun Lake on the return journey.
After a 50-mile cruise through the man-made Gatun Lake, created during the canal's construction, the locking process is reversed, with each chamber drained to lower the boat to sea level so it can continue its journey.
As the Legend leaves the upper chamber, she heads out into Gatun Lake - the Americans' brilliant engineering solution.
After the construction of the canal, there will also be constructed an artificial lake that might be called "Lake Atlanta", similar to Panama's Gatun Lake, with an area of 400 square kilometers.
FACTFILE FACTFILE | A TRANSIT uses 52 million gallons of water from Gatun Lake, which is replaced by rainfall.
Each vessel is raised 26m in the locks to meet Gatun Lake with each lockage using 197 million litres of fresh water, which ultimately ebbs away to the sea.
The project builds 2 new sets of locks one on the Pacific side and one on the Atlantic side, while widening and deepening the navigational channels in Gatun Lake and Culebra Cut, an artificial valley that was cut through the continental divide and that forms part of the canal.
It continues south through a channel in Gatun Lake for 32 miles to Gamboa, where the Culebra Cut begins.
WORKS PROGRESS in percentages (as of February 2012) Pacific Entrance 68% Dredging Pacific Entrance 84% Dredging Gatun Lake and Corte Culebra 68% Locks, Design and Building 21% Dredging Atlantic Entrance 97% Raising of Highest Operative Level 6% for Gatun Lake Total % Enlargement Program 35% Source: Press Office, Panama Canal Authority TIMELINE OCT 22, 2006 National referendum approves the channel expansion SEPT 3, 2007 Works start DEC 9, 2008 Financing contract with loan entities signed JULY 1, 2011 Concrete dumping starts in new locks OCT 19, 2011 Filling operation in the Pacific access (a 6.