grand unification theory

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grand′ unifica′tion the`ory

a hypothetical quantum theory that would encompass the electroweak theory and the strong force.
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When SU(5) is extended by the addition of its Higgs representations [75.sub.H] and [15.sub.H], it achieves two objectives: (i) neutrino mass and mixing generation through type-II seesaw mechanism and (ii) precision gauge coupling unification with experimentally accessible proton lifetime.
Section 3 deals with the problem of gauge coupling unification. In Section 4 we make proton lifetime prediction including possible uncertainties.
But as we will find in the subsequent sections, gauge coupling unification in the present SU(5) framework imposes the lower bound [[mu].sub.[DELTA]] [equivalent] [M.sub.[DELTA]] [greater than or equal to] [10.sup.9.23] GeV.
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Using the D-Parity breaking mechanism of [55, 56], an interesting model of linear seesaw mechanism in the context of supersymmetric SO(10) with successful gauge coupling unification [197] has been suggested in the presence of three gauge singlet fermions.
Gauge coupling unification in these SO(10) models requires the [G.sub.2213] symmetry to occur at the intermediate scale in the renormalisable model [173].
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