Gauge point

the diameter of a cylinder whose altitude is one inch, and contents equal to that of a unit of a given measure; - a term used in gauging casks, etc.

See also: Gauge

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The signal of Gauge 7 was interrupted in 6.03 x [10.sup.-3] ms, to indicate the gauge point that was damaged by tensile stress.
The mine measure ([section]42, [section]46 in Imperial Patent, 1854) was an area in the shape of a rectangle with the surface of 45,116 [m.sup.2] on the horizontal level of the gauge point. The gauge point ([section]45 in Imperial Patent, 1854) was a point from which the mine measure was measured and it had to be situated in an uncovered part of the deposit inside the mine field that was to be bestowed (the mining lease was an award of the right to extract assigned minerals).
We picked the first arrival times of the impact-induced waves at each gauge point in the numerical models with quartzite and sandstone and plotted the time versus distance to the impact point in Fig.
This point should be clear if one simply understands that the sphere center of the gauging spheres on a ball bar and the gauge point on a gauge block perform identical functions, i.e., act as reference points for length measurements.
BSP pressure gauge point and a single or double pressure-relief screw-in cartridge for controlling the maximum pressure in the system.
The last time the technical gauge pointed to potential buy signals, the token rose for about a month.
Other curves of Gauge points decreased with distance.
Figure 8 shows the constitutive relationship between the equivalent stress, hoop stress, and vertical stress versus the vertical strain of the steel tube, as measured at gauge points G-1 and G-2 on specimen CD4-2.
The participants appreciated the fact that with the involvement of National Highway Police in "Gauge Points," things would markedly and also help redressal of complaints frequently registered by transporters.
Indonesia's gauge pointed to weaker growth and Taiwan's to a faster fall in output.
When the gauge points to green, it indicates the high or safest rating; yellow, the moderate rating; and red, the low and most dangerous rating as far as the traction abilities of the product.