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Gauguin, who died at 54 in 1903, is not alone in attracting cash-rich collectors.
A painting of two girls painting of two girls Ain Tahiti by French master Paul Gauguin has sold for PS197million and become the most expensive work of art ever.
EXPERTS have discovered a previously unknown painting by French artist Paul Gauguin.
This analogy also explains why, in Chapter 4, Wallace disagrees with Bernard Williams' famous argument concerning (a fictionalized) Gauguin. According to Williams, Gauguin's dubious decision to abandon his family for art was retroactively justified, at least on one evaluative dimension, by subsequent good fortune in his career.
"There are neither carnivores nor reptiles in Tahiti," JL wrote Paul Gauguin in his journal Noa Noa.
In the wake of being named "N Midsize-Ship Cruise Line" by readers in Travel + Leisure's World's Best Awards, Paul Gauguin Cruises also celebrates its 10-year anniversary.
Ponant announced that it plans to acquire Paul Gauguin Cruises, a move that will add access to new itineraries and experiences for passengers of both brands.
Paul Gauguin Cruises, operator of the highest-rated and longest continually sailing luxury cruise ship in the South Pacific, the m/s Gauguin, is offering the Moana Explorer programaa new way for families to explore Tahiti, French Polynesia and the South Pacific together during summer and holiday voyages.
IF YOU'RE FAMILIAR WITH BOTH THE POLYNESIAN-BASED WORKS OF ARTIST PAUL GAUGUIN and the lush green oasis that is Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, you can't help feeling he would have appreciated the gardens' beauty--and the pairing of his own visual imagery with its world of nature.
Painted on a cupboard door and originally intended for the dining room of an inn in northwestern France, this self-portrait by Paul Gauguin functions as both ornament and visual commentary.
This fragment of a body belongs to one of the subjects of Paul Gauguin's Two Tahitian Women, painted during the disaffected Frenchman's Pacific sojourn in 1899.