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Adj.1.Gauguinesque - in the manner of Paul Gauguin
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The flower seems to embody some sinful, Gauguinesque escape to the tropics.
With the two- or three-figure paintings, San Miguel imagines his Gauguinesque maidens, slimmer somewhat, taking as much pleasure in their balletic poses as the artist was, in painting them.
On the screen, a reclining Gauguinesque woman looks warily over a bare shoulder while tufted plants stretch toward the horizon as a hundred small fires.
These experiments of the '60s, articulating the female form, established Munuswamy s avant-gardism that was visually titillating, with echoes of Gauguinesque women.
As an escape, they interpret the cannibal isle as a Gauguinesque paradise and the "birth, copulation, and death" ritual as irresponsible flirting.
Many familiar works are here: the Gauguinesque Self-portrait with Cane and Straw Hat (c.
Far less reposeful is Andre Derain's Dance, where colours skirmish in an ultra-patterned, stage-set, Gauguinesque jungle.
This first book remained his most popular; his fame, such as it was, radiated from being "the author of Typee," a Gauguinesque idyll of naked Marquesas Islanders who lived in a prelapsarian paradise marred only by their taste for "long pig" (human being, though cannibalism is proscribed solely by inference in Scripture).
Weston was not an altogether likeable character, having walked out on his wife and children for Gauguinesque adventures in Mexico.
The singer, who lives in London, has lately concentrated on painting; his colorful Gauguinesque looks at island men have been exhibited in Europe.
I re-enter the biosphere of broken lives, misshapen dreams, where minds were bent like reeds beneath their fantasies; glimpse former selves, personae Gauguinesque, the shadows luminescent toxic fauve; around each corner I expect to meet my- self when young/my daughter .