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 (gō′lĭz′əm, gô′-)
1. The political movement supporting Gen. Charles de Gaulle as leader of the French government in exile during World War II.
a. The political movement headed by Charles de Gaulle after World War II.
b. The political principles and goals of Charles de Gaulle and his followers.

Gaull′ist n.
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(ˈɡəʊlɪst; ˈɡɔː-)
(Historical Terms) a supporter of Gaullism
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of, characteristic of, supporting, or relating to Gaullism
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(ˈgoʊ lɪst, ˈgɔ-)

1. a supporter of the conservative political principles of Charles de Gaulle.
2. a supporter of the resistance movement against the Nazi occupation of France.
[1940–45; < French]
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A. ADJgaulista, golista
B. Ngaulista mf, golista mf
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nGaullist(in) m(f)
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Yet, according to Gabriel, the treaty represents a renewed bid for European strategic autonomy along Gaullist lines.
In 1998, then President Jacques Chirac's popularity soared on the 'World Cup effect' -- an 18-point jump in his ratings according to Ifop pollsters -- helping the ageing Gaullist recover from a humiliating defeat in a 1997 snap election.
In contrast to the Moscow-aligned PCF, the students represented a range of ideological allegiances, from Trotskyist and Maoist to anarchist and simply libertarian, and their broad aim could be summed up as liberation from the straitjacket of Gaullist conservatism in all spheres of life, from academia to sexual relations.
Moralizing the Market: How Gaullist France Embraced the US Model of Securities Regulation
FROM Gaullist to Macronist, France attempts to run Europe, forever attempting to punch above its weight.
Indeed, it was difficult for such an alternative voice, like those of Victor Serge, Boris Souvarine and even George Orwell, to be heard at a time of both PCF hegemony on the left and of Gaullist France's brief love affair with the USSR of Khruschev and Gagarin.
He led his Front National challenger Ms Le Pen (21.7%) by 2%, with scandalplagued Gaullist Francois Fillon and far-left challenger Jean-Luc Melenchon tied in third on 19.5%.
He led his Front National challenger Ms Le Pen (21.7%) by 2%, with scandal-plagued Gaullist Francois Fillon and far-left challenger Jean-Luc Melenchon tied in third on 19.5%.
For Zemmour, like many right-wing intellectuals, is a temporal irredentist, and the golden age for him lies in the heyday of Gaullist France.
One may cite social conservatism, economic dirigisme and volontarisme as parts of the Gaullist ideology.
My point is, what E[currency]ahin Alpay calls "presidentialism" does not need an excess of analysis here: It is pure and simple one-man rule -- as opposed to Gaullist structures -- without any checks and balances, with a demolished "Fourth Estate," and a beaten and buckled civil society.
As Pierre Messmer, a former Gaullist prime minister, stated, "Argentinawanted the advisers so we gave them what they wanted.Argentinais an independent country and there was no reason for us to deny their request." He was thus indicating that training in repression wasn't the isolated decision of a few, but a definite state policy.