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Adj.1.Gaussian - of or relating to Karl Gauss or his mathematical theories of magnetics or electricity or astronomy or probability; "Gaussian distribution"
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The fast axis of an edge emitting diode has a Gaussian intensity profile and the slow axis is super-Gaussian.
In the Kringing interpolation, we used the spherical, exponential and Gaussian methods.
With respect to datasets [D.sub.1] and [D.sub.2] which differ in only one record, Dwork et al [5] extended the Laplace distribution of [2] to the Gaussian distribution N(0, [[sigma].sup.2]) for which the noise sums primitive yields [delta] -approximate [epsilon] -indistinguishable, where 0 < [epsilon] < 1 and [[sigma].sup.2] [greater than or equal to] 2log(2[delta])/[[epsilon].sup.2].
LAHORE -- District and Sessions Judge Lahore Aabid Gaussian Qureshi on Wednesday visited Camp Jail and released 69 prisoners involved in petty offences.
Edgeworth series, Cornish-Fisher series) show satisfactory performance when input variables are Gaussian or near-Gaussian, they may have serious convergence problems and large deviations for non-Gaussian distributions [16].
Simulations were carried out for initial Gaussian and secant-hyperbolic pulses.
We proposed shifted convoluted Gaussian fuzzy number (SCGFN) and Gaussian fuzzy number (GFN) to represent each locus value as improvement of triangular fuzzy number (TFN) as used in previous research.
The authors of [16] have proposed an estimator for Gaussian CD sources under L-shaped arrays.
Nevertheless, none of those methods can be applied to analyze and calculate the scattering of particles for the nonplane waves such as the Gaussian beam incidence or a top-hat beam.
The authors of [29] propose Gaussian sum cubature filters.