Gautama Siddhartha

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 (gô′tə-mə, gou′-), Siddhartha Known as "the Bud·dha" (bo͞o′də, bo͝od′ə) 563?-483? bc.
Indian mystic and founder of Buddhism. Born a prince, he began preaching at the age of 35 after developing the central tenets of Buddhism through intense meditation.
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Noun1.Gautama Siddhartha - founder of BuddhismGautama Siddhartha - founder of Buddhism; worshipped as a god (c 563-483 BC)
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By what name was the philosopher Prince Gautama Siddhartha better known?
Gautama Siddhartha is said to have attained nirvana after meditating on the bank of the Falgu River.
Prince Gautama Siddhartha (known as Shakyamuni) was born in the Himalayan foothills in what is now Nepal.

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