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A crocodilian reptile (Gavialis gangeticus) of South Asian rivers, having a long slender snout that in mature males has a bulbous growth at the tip. Also called gavial.


(Animals) another name for gavial


(ˈgeɪ vi əl)

a large crocodilian, Gavialis gangeticus, of India and Pakistan, having elongated jaws. Also called gharial.
[1815–25; < French < Hindi ghariyāl]
ga′vi•al•oid`, adj.
References in classic literature ?
I am no faithless, fish- hunting Gavial, I, at Kasi to-day and Prayag to-morrow, as the saying is, but the true and constant watcher of the ford.
The Gavial, my cousin, the fish-eater, has told me how hard it is for him to follow his fish, and how one fish differs from the other, and how he must know them all, both together and apart.
My village was being builded for the third time, as I remember, when my cousin, the Gavial, brought me word of rich waters above Benares.