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n.1.A small tub or lading vessel.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Raffles 'as gawn, sir," said the porter, with a note of reproach in his confidential undertone.
Mi fydd Lisa yn son am noson Cabarela ac mi gawn gyfle i longyfarch Twm wedi iddo yntau dderbyn Medal Wyddoniaeth yr Eisteddfod yn ystod y prynhawn.
The situation along the southern border with Israel was also discussed when Gawn met with General Security chief Maj.
"Major-General Gawn's appointment to this role is testament to his strong leadership.
Ac ar ol gweld y paratoi, mi gawn ninnau wedyn fwynhau'r gyngerdd - Cyngerdd Cor Glanaethwy a'r Gondwana Chorale - sy'n cael ei chyflwyno gan y tenor Wyn Davies, aelod blaenllaw o'r cor meibion Only Men Aloud.
In addition to the $1,500, individual members of GAWN have donated $673 so far this year at its monthly meetings to the displaced homemakers, and the group has donated $520 raised from the sale of women's pins.
Aiming at affordability, Electrox's repackaged entry-level Cobra ES brought the price down to a point, says salesman Gawn, that will suit job shops that require a portable workstation.
Parents were also shocked to learn that just days before their meeting with Inspector Gawn and representatives of statutory agencies, two separate attempts were made to abduct children as they left school.
Zoe considers herself extremely lucky that she had Gawn there to help heal the wounds from her father's death.
Mi gawn wybod nos Fercher am y wledd o gynghreddau fydd ym Mhrifwyl Sir Conwy "da chi wedi prynu'ch tocynnau?" Ie, dyna fo, un arall o'r hoff gwestiynau Eisteddfodol!
James Owen Gawn, 51, High Street, Bangor, pleaded not guilty to withholding details about Bustard's alleged involvement in the murder.