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 (gə-zäl′, -zŭl′)
1. A poetic form of Persian origin, consisting of five or more syntactically complete couplets linked by rhyme and the repetition of a closing word or phrase.
2. A poem in this form.

[Persian and Urdu ġazal (Urdu, from Persian), from Arabic, amatory poetry, from ġazila, to court, praise with amatory poetry; see ġzl in Semitic roots.]


(Poetry) an Arabic love poem with a recurring rhyme and a limited number of stanzas
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Muscat: Al Ameen Ayurvedic/Sweets of Oman defeated Noor Gazal by seven wickets on Friday to settle for the second place in the A Division of the Salalah Cricket League.
He has written many newspaper articles on contemporary issues and was perfectly competent in gazal writing.
Bank Muscat defeated Gazal Spices by 51 runs in an Oman Cricket E Division match played at Al Amerat recently.
The defending champion of the bantamweight category, Shiksha of RSPB, also jumped past her first hurdle as she beat Karnataka's Gazal Mathew 5-0.
Hyderabad: Hyderabad city police on Tuesday arrested singer Gazal Srinivas on charges of sexually harassing a woman.
She employed mainly two forms of poetry in her work Gazal and Free verses.
Al Shaqab's Wadee was adjudged the Senior Male World Champion and Gazal declared the Platinum World Champion at the at the World Arabian Horse Championships in Paris.
The Al Shaqab farm was adjudged the leading stud farm, while the Arabian thouroughbred Wadee Al Shaqab emerged as the Best Male World Champion Stallion, and Gazal Al Shaqab as the Platinum World Champion.
The festival features classical, gazal, pop, rock, filmy and non-film
This donation is used in schools in the Kanem and Bahr el Gazal regions, where food insecurity and malnutrition rates are high, said WFP Chad Country Director Mary-Ellen McGroarty.
Sin embargo, tomo posesion, paso el tiempo y como no hubo acercamiento alguno tuvimos que ir nuevamente a buscarlo, pero ahora a su despacho del edificio del viejo Ayuntamiento, donde despachaba, para recordarle su promesa y que estaba bien que atendiera a la gente humilde que lo buscaba, pero que no se olvidara de que la planta productiva estaba con nosotros los comerciantes establecidos", compartio Gazal.
Taban has appreciated the directives given by the president of the republic that immediate assistance be given to the people of South Sudan from the strategic reserve from the Kosti River port to Juba and via land to Bahar Gazal and Western Bahr Gazal and upper Nile and Liri areas Taban appealed for assistance to the people of South Sudan politically and economically, saying that assistance on the operation of the Nile field in unity state would boost the economy of the two counties and that the same is applicable for the oil field in upper Nile region.