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n.1.The black currant; also, the wild plum.
1.(Zool.) See Gazelle.
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Adding further spice to the event are Poulain Kossack, the Dutch champion in 2009 and 2012, Shaikha Fatima Cup winner Phraseur Kossack and Gazel T, who was third in Stockholm a fortnight ago.
Esta metodologia la empleo para definir los sistemas de produccion de la Cova Matutano, el Abric del Filador (Tarragona) y el yacimiento frances de Grotte Gazel, aunque establece metodos de analisis distintos para los nucleos laminares y de lascas ya que el metodo empleado para los laminares no se podia hacer extensible a los nucleos de lascas.
Socioeconomic position and low-back pain - The role of biomechanical strains and psychosocial work factors in the GAZEL cohort.
It is established that unidentified persons fired at and exploded a convoy of a Gazel and UAZ cars.
Research generally finds very little annual turnover in exporting firms and the goods or services they export and that the industry mix of exports can be an important factor for local export growth over the short to intermediate term (Bernard and Jensen; Bernard and others; Gazel and Schwer).
Angola's dependence on oil and diamonds means its economy is vulnerable to the international market," said senior World Bank economist Ricardo Gazel.
Sultan Mustafa Han sani hazretleri sehzade iken ba'z-i kaside ve gazel gondermekle intisab hasil idup .
Research by Gazel, Thompson, and Rickman (1995), KPMG Management Consulting (1995), and Blois, Cunningham, and Lott (1995) suggests that a positive multiplier effect exists.
Zeynep'in burada ele alinan ilk siiri bir gazel olup, kendisi ile cagdas olan Seyhi'nin bir gazeline nazire olarak yazilmistir.
The devaluation makes it cheaper for them to invest," says Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank economist Ricardo Gazel.
La devaluacion les abarata el invertir", dice el economista Ricardo Gazel, de Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank.
NFC tags allow to create new interaction with the physical world in a very simple way" said Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, Connecthings' CEO.