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n.1.A Venetian coin, worth about three English farthings, or one and a half cents.
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This strategy was practiced for ten words: regering 'government,' paard 'horse,' meisje 'girl,' velo 'bicycle,' auto 'car,' stok 'stick,' concert 'concert,' slachtoffer 'victim,' kerk 'church,' and gazet 'newspaper.' Four of these are neuter nouns (paard, meisje, concert, slachtoffer); the others were non-neuter (three masculine and three feminine in the author's own dialect).
The gazet ting of Brazil nut concessions is aimed at promoting social equity among concessionaires by respecting smallholders' claims to traditionally harvested areas.
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For Belgium, six news newspapers from Flanders, the Dutch-speaking community, were selected: De Morgen, de Standaard, De Tijd, Gazet van Antwerpen, Het Nieuwsblad, and Het Laatste Nieuws.
5018, published in the Official Gazet e of Turkey no.
A Belgian woman has at long last been reunited with her Filipina mother in dramatic fashion on Philippine TV, after searching for her for years, reported Gazet van Antwerpen.
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West (1602, 1630), or Gazet in The Renegado, the authors of early modern
Fortunate Laker, (1) Arnold Agaba, (1) Andrew Akatukunda, (1) Robert Gazet, (2) Joshua Barasa, (1) Sarah Nanyonga, (1) Deborah Wendiro (iD), (2) and Alex Paul Wacoo (iD) (1,3,4,5)
"Munir al-Muthib, a senior commander of Liwa Gazet Howra (affiliated to Nusra Front) was killed in a battle with Syrian government forces near Sheikh Meskeen," the sources said.